D. Brownie Photo
D. Brownie Photo



Just made level 27 in this game called Life

Born in Indiana, but I am not a Hoosier

I’m short but taller than most

80% water, 20% Italian food

Show me, don’t tell me

Before there was Instragram, I had to write down what I wore that day to keep track so I wouldn’t re-wear it the following week. But, with Instragram I have a photo and time stamp which made life 10x easier. Instead of just posing front of a bland wall, I chose spots that I passed on my way to work. After a year, more and more people were supporting my hobby with compliments and advice on how to do the same thing. This blog is a space for me to share my photography, out of this world and on mars opinions, and styling advice  

that’s all, folks


email: derrick_brownie@yahoo.com

cell: 317-440-6902

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